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August 23rd 2023

Hi there 🙂

Currently we're in the process of both changing our webhost and rebuilding our website from the ground up. 

We'll leaving the current site up until the new one is ready. Please contact us directly via email if you have any queries, and check out our Instagram page in the interim for further content and updates. 

Thanks folks :)

The Wakkibat Team

November 2022: 

All New Blade Series Coming Soon!

Hi everyone!

Over the coming months, and into 2023, we'll be launching an entirely new series of all-new Wakkibat blades.

For us, launching this all-new line of blades has been an event over 30 months in the making.

It was a creative process beset by wild imagination, constant experimentation, rigorous testing and copious swearing... but we finally think we've gotten somewhere meaningful with it all.

This new line of products represents a fairly big chunk of why we started this business in the first place - which is why everyone at Wakkibat (ie: the both of us 😁) is so excited by it.

Here's how the upcoming launch will be rolled out:

No one blade - or series of blades - is ever universally loved by everyone, and we don't expect this new series of blades to be any different.

Some folks will hopefully come to love these blades with a passion, while others may firmly dislike them (for whatever reasons makes the most sense to them). 

Everybody else out there we suspect may sum them up their arrival on the market with only a passing and slightly-non-committal "...eh!."

Whether you love them, hate them, or land somewhere in the indifferent middle, is entirely fine by us -- those decisions are out of our control, and we'd prefer you to make up your own mind on them anyway.

What we're utterly sure of however, is that this new line up of Wakkibat blades will be Australia's very first fully Australian-made and designed range of table tennis blades, which are made using Australia's finest and most beautiful native species of table-tennis-friendly timber.

For that reason alone, we're quietly confident that, if nothing else - you've never seen or played with anything quite like our blades in your life... which frankly was the whole idea.

We make our blades because we love making our blades! Making money in the process is part of our aim yes, but pure profit motive has never been the main driver of anything we do at our company, and nor will it ever be.

With everything Wakkibat does, we always aim to create something:

The Wakkibat Aussie XI is coming soon to a website near you! (...the one that's parked under your eyes right now, as a matter of fact 😂😂)

We sincerely hope you get the same kind of joy from using our Aussie XI, that we have gotten out of creating, designing, and making them all for you.

Thanks for reading everyone - please stay tuned for updates, and we'll see you round the tables.

Shannon from Wakkibat

October 2022: 

Hey there everyone - great to see you all!

So then... "What's new at Wakkibat for October?" I hear you ask?

Well not an awful lot, really. (Twiddles his thumbs)


Oh wait!! That's right... I forgot:

We've added a What's New page to the website!

Does that count?

(Yeah...that was pretty piss-weak wasn't it? 🤦‍♂)

(I'll see myself out 😜)

Shannon from Wakkibat