A Little About Us...

Hi there! I'm Shannon, and Wakkibat is my company.

I first fell in love with table tennis when I was fifteen, and first started working with wood aged thirteen. I grew up in rural Western Australia, in an area where magnificent trees and timber were everywhere, but opportunities to learn or play the game were scarce. I ended up making my first table aged sixteen, purely so I would be able to play at home.

Despite having a passion for creativity, nature, trees, timber, table tennis, and the engineering sciences for most of my life, I never actually thought to combine all these interests by making blades, until very recently.

If I had thought to do it sooner, then I might never have done anything else -- for me, designing and making blades is as addictive as crack cocaine, but thankfully it's also a lot healthier! I first started experimenting with different timbers, design, techniques and composite materials during the early COVID-19 lockdowns, and frankly have yet to stop.

My partner and her family also love the game, and we decided to start Wakkibat around the time we first started running out of space in our home due to our newly-discovered passion for making blades. Living amongst massive piles of timber, tools and table tennis equipment is enormous fun frankly, but you tend to stub your toes a lot. Selling the blades once we've finished them tends to solve this problem.

Making blades feels more like a calling to me nowadays than a profession. I genuinely love what I do -- I fight hard to make my products tryly exceptional and far prefer to take my time with a customer's blade, rather than rush and give them an inferior product. Not once have I ever heard a customer complain to me about their blade, or say the end result wasn't worth the wait, so I guess I'm doing something right. 😂😂

I genuinely intend to just keep on making these blades for the rest of my life. We put monumental effort into crafting and perfecting all of our products, and its a process that frankly never stops for us. We sincerely hope you get as much pleasure out of owning one of our blades, as we have gotten from the process of inventing and making them.