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NEW WEBSITE UPDATE #2: 18th January 2024

Happy New Year?  Yes, absolutely! 🙂
Happy New Website? Yes ...almost! 😂

Hi everyone.

For those who visit our site regularly (God bless you!) ...you'll no doubt notice our new site isn't up yet.

As of today's date, the new site is just a few weeks away (thank god) -- just in a heavily modified form.

Full disclosure: in a previous career, I was a UX Designer & Front End (Web) Developer. It's always been my intention to develop our new site myself.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the subjects of Functional Design and Production Standards, I'm prone to constant experimentation with the former, and having very high standards with the latter.  

These two personality features of mine are largely why so many of our blades have unique timber blends and a distinctive feel, and also why we produce our blades to a typically high (and occasionally ridiculously high) overall standard.

Usually I view these tendencies as a good thing ('cause when it comes to blade design, they are a very good thing!)

But for months now, I've allowed my "experimental perfectionist streak" to slow development of the new site considerably -- which is BAD! (...some lovely new-business developments got in the way too, but I'll comment further on those some other time).

The all-new website is almost done, and WILL be finished and published within six weeks of today -- so yay!

However, the site's been drastically cut in size through both necessity and changing circumstance, and will be far more basic than intended. 

At launch it'll feature:

…and that's the lot. 

To get it up and running quickly (and cut a few Gordian knots) we're ditching both online purchases (just for now), and social media integration (probably permanently!) 

Anyone who wishes to buy or commission a blade from us, you'll need to do it by email for the foreseeable future. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience -- hopefully this won't be too big a problem (it certainly won't be the case forever 🙃🙃)

For fresh updates on all things Wakkibat, please visit our Instagram account (there's a whole bunch of changes and new product announcements over there  just waiting in the wings). 

Finally, please note the bulk of this site is extremely out of date, and won't be updated 'til our new site replaces the whole shebang, in just a few weeks time.

Thank you for visiting, for your curiosity about us, and for your continued patience while our new site enters the final stretch

We hope to see you back here again in a few weeks time (or to see you up close and in person, somewhere 'round the tables 😜).

Ever yours,

Shannon, Jenna & the rest of  the Wakkibat team.

Hello and welcome to Wakkibat!

We're a small West Australian business that designs, makes and sells its own Table Tennis equipment. 

Our products include:

Founded and run in 2021 by life-long table tennis fanatics, our aims are simple:

We add extra pages, products, articles, updates and special offers to our website on a semi-regular basis, so please check back sometime later on, or follow us on Instagram for updates.

We are always happy to offer some friendly general advice, so please email us if you have any queries or need assistance.